CIOs must deliver innovative business solutions and keep existing systems running, all with static budgets and outdated management tools. As CIOs shift both system infrastructure and technology maintenance to the cloud in an attempt to meet these challenges, they are inherently transforming IT from an infrastructure-centric to a service-centric delivery model. However, most enterprise IT organizations are not adequately armed to control and enable this transformation.

Problems we’ve solved or are solving for our clients:

How to adapt to a tech-savvy workforce? PIN Consulting employs its methodology to understand its clients’ workforce needs and design IT-enabled services to empower people to be productive.

How to enable BYOD? PIN Consulting designs the processes, security policies, and device strategies to enable people to utilize personal technology to be productive.

How to leverage BIG Data? PIN Consulting evaluates how to leverage “Big Data” technology to maximize use of data across its clients’ organizations.

How to evolve from legacy systems to services? PIN Consulting designs services to either replace, integrate or leverage legacy systems without disrupting its clients’ operations.

How to move to the Cloud? PIN Consulting specializes in transforming organizations to leverage cloud-based services, platforms and infrastructure.

How to drive Growth and Value? PIN Consulting is focused on business-results that drive the solutions it designs and implements for its clients.